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4 Ways your Restaurant Can Reduce Waste (and Save Money)

Your restaurant may literally be throwing away money. Many food service owners do not realize the impact that wasting food has on their bottom line. Over one third of the world’s food supply is wasted annually, amounting to a global profit loss of $750 billion and 133 billion pounds of food. But profit loss is not […]
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How to Solve the Food Waste Problem at its Root

Food waste is a problem across the globe. From North America to Europe and as far east as Asia, many countries are having difficulty solving this complex problem because waste occurs all along the supply chain. Because a number of states in the U.S and Europe believe that they can have the most impact on […]
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The Smarter Kitchen

Choosing the right piece of equipment is crucial to the success of any restaurant, including waste disposal equipment, but facility managers must be wary, as equipment is no longer created equal. “Smart” connected products are going to transform the industrial equipment marketplace, will deliver the most business value, and have the largest impact. With restaurant […]
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Maximizing the Value of Food Waste

Tapping into the value of food waste reporting provides vital information to more directly answer 6 key questions: Who, What, Why, When, Where and How Much. Without these basic questions answered there is no way to fully understand the problem in order to make informed decisions needed to deliver better operational, environmental and financial outcomes […]
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New York City Announces Business Organics Rules

Beginning July 19, 2016, certain New York City businesses will be required by law to separate their organic waste. If your business meets the minimum requirements outlined below, you must comply with the business organics rules. Establishments covered by Business Organics Rules All food service establishments in hotels with 150 or more rooms All food […]
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Recology Intentionally Told Schools To Trash Millions Of Recyclable Trays And Then Blames The Kids

Recology instructed San Francisco school officials to not recycle the recyclable plastic trays the district uses daily to serve students food. So reports the Chronicle, which details the jaw-dropping behavior by the city-contracted waste company that began in 2013 and may have only stopped when the paper began asking questions about the bizarre instructions given to […]
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Residents argue that it’s neighborhood composting facility is like living next to a garbage dump

In the Richmond section of Vancouver, city officials are demanding more stringent air-quality regulations to control the stink from the region’s composting plant, suggesting the methods of odor management being used are “out of date.” Harvest Power, which has held a composting facility license since 1997 and collects 200,000 tonnes of Metro Vancouver’s food scraps each year, has […]
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Is Recycling Worth Abandoning

  According to Rick Fedrizzi, CEO and Founding Chari of the U.S. Green Building Council we need to be less reactionary to the issue and rethink the process.  Rethinking Recycling: A Call to Action We split the atom. We invented the light bulb. Heck, we not only sent a man to the moon, we brought […]
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